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China Pakistan Economic Corridor & Gwadar


China Takes Project Of The Century To Pakistan

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the largest uni-lateral investment from one country into another and consists of a bouquet of projects, presently under construction, at a cost of $62 billion. CPEC aims to improve Pakistani infrastructure and to deepen the economic and political ties between China and Pakistan. CPEC, besides being extremely advantageous to Pakistan, also carries substantial economic and strategic benefits for China. Its importance for China is evident from the fact that it is part of China’s thirteenth five-year development plan.

CPEC will prove to be a strong knitting-factor between China and Pakistan who share a history of congenial strategic relations, over versatile canvass of mutual interest, extending over six decades. In the past 65 years both the countries have developed strong bilateral trade and economic collaboration. CPEC is China’s biggest splurge on economic development in another country to date. It aims over 15 years to create a 2000-mile economic corridor between Gwadar Port to China’s North Western region of Xinjiang through 2,700 km long highway from Kashgar to Gwadar, railway links for freight trains, oil and gas pipelines and an optical fibre link. The actualisation of this project will create over 700,000 new jobs and will add up to 2.5% to Pakistan’s annual growth rate.

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The Gateway City To The China Pakistan Economic Corridor

Gwadar real estate has reached global investors’ ears, but it wasn’t always this way. Located on the Arabian Sea shores, the port city of Gwadar has an ancient history dating back to as early as the Bronze Age. It has undergone a long road of development and was a tiny and little-known fishing village until the early 90s when Pakistani government decided to turn Gwadar into a port city. Today, almost nothing shows that Gwadar was once a fishing village and thanks to the International Port City project and CPEC, it’s going to become a prosperous city with luxury amenities.

Gwadar is close to the Middle East, which means it has an easier access to the important oil routes as compared to other countries with ports around the Persian Gulf..  Due to incoming industries and a new top-notch community, Gwadar is going to become one of the most strategic and wealthiest cities in South Asia. As a getaway to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the city will experience massive population growth with an abundance of Gwadar plots for sale. This will improve the city’s economy along with the macro-economic situation in Pakistan.

The $500 Million International Port City project is going to positively change the lifestyle of Gwadar and create a luxury community with the world-class amenities, including an eco-zone recycling center, fabulous park system, diverse shopping options, water desalination plant, quality education and healthcare, Financial District, and multiple recreation possibilities.

The first tailor-made master community developed by CPIC will have people both living and working in the development by 2019. Furthermore, International Port City can welcome many foreign residents who are already interested in Gwadar land for sale.

China Overseas Port Holding Company Ltd, China’s state-owned company, is investing $1.62 Billion in Gwadar redevelopment as a major global port city. Plus, the leading property investment company and global master-agent for International Port City, ONE Investments provides numerous investment strategies for anyone looking to put their cash into Gwadar property.

All these factors will lead to a fast and successful Pakistan’s economic growth and a growing importance of Gwadar port. And thanks to a luxury International Port City community, people of all backgrounds worldwide.

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