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First of all, the land ownership is freehold ownership in Gwadar. As a company progressing by being trustworthy, exercising transparency and sincerity, CPIC will prove its right to sell in two ways. First is, via a letter from the seller whose name is on the website and an agreement which is registered with GDA.  After the full payment of the plot has been made, the GDA will issue the title within 30 working days so that the owner can be assured that the plot is theirs. The developer will register the ownership for the plot as it manages all local registration efforts subject to the buyer who’s paying all registration charges. Despite the fact Pakistan has been indirectly involved in the war in Afghanistan, people can be assured that their investments are safe. China is investing a $62-billion-dollar investment into the China Pakistan Economic Corridor which they would not have done if they were unsure about safety of the area, just as your investment.