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Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit – Baltistan is undoubtedly, most beautiful province of Pakistan thanks to its green valleys, mountains, rivers and falls. Gilgit is the capital city of Gilgit – Baltistan with population 216,760. The overall population of whole province is approximately 1,000,000. The total area of Gilgit – Baltistan is 72,971 km2. Before 1970, Gilgit – Baltistan was the self-governing autonomous piece of land. After 1970, the individual princely states of Nagar and Hunza, the Baltistan region and amalgamation of the Gilgit Agency joined to make the single administrative unit.

Economic Overview

Geographical Importance

Towards north, it is also surrounded by Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and towards west; it is bordered by the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Xinjiang autonomous region of China covers its eastern border, while Azad Kahmir lies at southern border. Jammu and Kashmir that is a disputed territory between India and Pakistan, borders the southeastern region of Jammu and Kashmir. Some part of Gilgit – Baltistan also situated in this disputed territory.

Silk Road

The economy of Gilgit – Baltistan depends upon World-famous “Silk Road” that is famous for its difficult route and challenging construction and safe trade route between China and Pakistan. Due to amazing route of “Silk Road”, its construction seems a wonder. Moreover, this road played a vital role in raising the trade activities between China and Pakistan. It also connects other parts of northern areas which were very difficult to approach before construction of this trade route. Eventually, this increase in trade activities directly influenced the lives of Gilgit – Baltistan people and they started enjoying better living standards.

China Trade Organization

The role of China Trade Organization in improving the living standard of Gilgit – Baltistan is not ignorable. Thanks to efforts of this leading economic forum, a clear economic growth can be seen in this region. This economic forum allows the people of Gilgit – Baltistan to invest in trade activities of neighbor Chinese province “Xinjiang” fearlessly. Ashraf Khan is a famous economist of this region who played a key role in teaching the trade activities to the people of Gilgit – Baltistan and explained the benefits of joining China Trade Organization. Now the situation has become improved so much with establishment of Sost Dry port and Chamber of Commerce.

Agriculture and Tourism

Agriculture and tourism are also the major economic contributor sector of Gilgit – Baltistan. Corn, wheat, barley and dry fruits are the major products of this region.

Bunji Dam

Due to increasing needs of people of Gilgit – Baltistan, Pakistan signed an agreement with China for construction of 7000 megawatt mega Dam at Bunji that is situated in Astore District.

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