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Investment Strategy

Parliament has accepted the vision 2030, it reflects that nation agrees on the challenges, which are faced by the nation. Vision 2030 also devises the ways to overcome these challenges. Till year 2030, population of the country will be between 230 to 250 million people. 60% of this population will be living in urban areas. To fulfill the basic needs, eliminate poverty and create more jobs for this increasing population, the growth GDP should be more than 7% to 8% per annum. The economy of Pakistan has limited resources, so the private investments are the main factor to reply upon for this exceptional growth. If Pakistan wants to meet the future challenges, it has to focus on the local and foreign investments.

Economy of the Pakistan can be boosted by FDI or foreign direct investment. It will not facilitate in providing required capital, but it will also help in getting non-financial shares, like:

  • Transfer of exceptionally good technology
  • Incorporation of marketing chains and local production into international production
  • Connections between local businesses

Giving importance to foreign investment does not mean that foreign investors are preferred on the local ones. Foreign investors and local investors compete and work in the same market. Economic growth is enhanced by creating an environment, which is business friendly and offer facilities for all investing parties. An ideal framework is one, which provide open field for all the investors, for the improvement of economy and their share in GDP growth.

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