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Punjab, the most developed and highly populated province of Pakistan that covers more than 55% of country’s total population, always remained the convenient gateway to subcontinent for the other nations especially for the people of Afghanistan, Central Asia, Iran and Greece. Being a fertile and ultimately rich land, Punjab remained the dream land for lots of emperors. Moreover, the highly important strategic location of Punjab completed the rulers from all over the globe to come here and take benefits from lots of natural sources of this province. The signs of various civilizations in the soil of Punjab indicate all these.

No doubt, Punjab province remained under the influence of various civilizations, but one thing was common in all eras and this was nothing else but its capital “Lahore”. Lahore can be truly claimed as the economic, administrative and cultural hub of Punjab.

Economic Overview

Industrial Sector

Industrial units of Punjab cover a major portion of service sector for the manpower. In comparison to all other provinces, Punjab has maximum number of manufacturing units of textile, surgical instruments, sports goods, auto parts, electrical appliances, cement plants, agricultural machinery and heavy machinery. Till 2003, only Punjab was manufacturing 90% of paper products, 40% of cement, 69% of sugar and 71% of fertilizers of total production of Pakistan. Overall, Punjab has 39,033 small and medium industrial units, 14,820 textile units, 6,778 ginning factories and 7,355 food processing units. Sialkot is famous for surgical and sports goods, similarly Lahore and Gujranwala is famous for other small engineering units. In general, Punjab has more than sixty eight thousand manufacturing units.

Agricultural Sector

Punjab has proud of having largest irrigation system and its tropical wet and dry climate is highly suitable for the crop production. Upper Punjab area is famous for world’s best rice crop and also very good wheat crop. Similarly, the lower Punjab area is famous for the cash crops that are cotton and sugarcane. Similarly, with production of vegetables, pulses, fruits, oil-seeds and corn, Punjab covers the 76% of annual food production of Pakistan. Being having powerful agricultural sector, Punjab is also famous for livestock and poultry production that is directly dependent upon agricultural growth.

Mineral Enriched Province

Punjab is enriched in many mineral deposits such as coal, gas, iron and rock salt. Punjab has world’s second largest rock salt mine deposit. PMDC (The Punjab Mineral Development Corporation) is successfully executing lots of mineral based projects such as production units for plastic, cement and other goods. Punjab has also deposits of silica-sand, dolomite and gypsum.

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