Jaafar Jackson makes surprise school visit in Korangi

A TCF school became the centre of attention in Korangi, Pakistan when CPIC organised a visit with Jaafar Jackson, an up and coming singer, part of the megastar Jackson family. His visit involved greeting the kids and learning about TCF’s noble mission to help less privileged youngsters in Pakistan.

Introduced by founding board member of CPIC, Zeeshaan Shah, Jaafar mixed with young students and learned more about The Citizens Foundations (TCF) and the assistance it  offers in helping children in extreme poverty to receive the best education possible. Jaafar expressed his excitement for the project and appreciation for the teachers who worked tirelessly contributing to the project’s success.

TCF is an organisation that provides quality educational programmes and well equipped classrooms for children living in slum areas and rural communities. Their goal is to ensure that the next generation can adapt to an ever-changing Pakistan, especially when the completion of CPEC is finalised and the country has the required skilled workers of the future.

Formed 23 years ago, TCF has become a leading non-profit organisation with expertise in child learning. The organisation makes sure that girls should form 50% of enrollment intake. Also, TCF has an active Government Schools Program, which is a private public partnership that helps expand the educational outreach of this unique organisation.

For more information: https://www.tcf.org.pk

For more information about Jafaar Jackson: https://www.instagram.com/jaafarjackson/


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