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The Project

China Pak Golf Estates Gwadar

China Pak Golf Estates is a ‘first of its kind’ gated community offered by leading Gwadar developers CPIC with a $265 Million luxury gated golf community spread across 6.7 million square feet.

China Pak Golf Estates is a ‘first of its kind’ gated community offered by leading Gwadar developers CPIC. With a $265 Million luxury gated golf community spread across 6.7 million square feet, China Pak Golf Estates Gwadar is set to become ‘the most desirable residential and lifestyle address in Gwadar’. It has a location to be envied – occupying the most prominent position by straddling both sides of the N-10 Coastal Highway – the 653 Kilometre highway which serves as Gwadar’s main artery and extends along Pakistan’s Arabian Sea coast all the way to the Financial Hub of Karachi.

China Pak Golf Estates is the first GDA approved luxury Golf Community in Gwadar, the Gateway city to the $62 Billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor project which is set to become amongst ‘The most important Port Cities in the World from both an Economic and Geo-Political perspective’.


  • Residents Golf Course

  • Clubhouse with Restaurant & Golf Shop

  • Gwadar Central Business District

  • International Shopping Mall

  • Multi-Plex Cinema

  • China Pak Medical Centre

  • China Pak High School

  • Shopping Boulevard

  • Community Parks

  • Water Desalination Plant

China Pak Golf Estates Location

Nearby Places

  • 0 Miles to CPEC Coastal Highway

  • 2 Miles to Zero Point Gwadar

  • 4 Miles to Beach & Resorts

  • 8 Miles to Gwadar International Airport

  • 9 Miles to Gwadar Freezone

  • 10 Miles to New Town Gwadar

  • 7 Miles to Existing Gwadar International Airport

  • CPEC Highway N10

  • Pearl Continent Hotel

  • China Gwadar Freezone

  • Green Palms Housing (RAFI Group)

  • Gwadar Central Jinnah Av

  • Naval Housing Scheme, Gwadar

  • Savaira City Gwadar

  • CPEC Business District

  • CPEC Rail

  • Gwadar Cantonment

  • Gwadar Gymkhana

  • Hotel Resort & Entertainment Strip

  • Sports & Cultural Comple

  • Oil Storage Terminal

Developer, Contractor & Sales Partner


CPIC are a privately owned company, headquartered in London with offices in New York and Karachi. We specialise in Gwadar real estate opportunities within the $62bn China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Comprised of world leading investment and real estate professionals, we deliver international standards of development and are championing the introduction of trustworthiness, transparency and sincerity to Pakistan’s real estate industry.

CPIC aim to bring positive change to Pakistan, through building safe, sustainable communities that encourage cohesion, enable businesses to thrive and offer a positive lifestyle.

Top International Engineering Corporation (TIEC) – Everything Is Possible

Top International Engineering Corporation (TIEC) is China’s fourth largest construction company which has delivered projects worth more than US$ 822.0 billion. The Company employes more than 10,000 professional staff, which includes 1,644 senior engineers and 4,647 Chartered Constructors.

TIEC is also an expert in horticulture works for ancient style buildings and gardens, ready-mixed concrete production and delivery, urban mass transit, building finishing and decoration, logistics, boiler research and manufacture, medical and health education, real estate development, tourism industry, and hotel business running.

ONE Investments – The Global Sales and Marketing Agent

The leading property investment company in the UK has been appointed as the Global sales and marketing agent for International Port City, ONE Investments provide property investment opportunities that allow their investors to reap fantastic benefits from the high capital growth locations. Headquartered in Central London and having regional offices in Dubai, ONE Investments provides a great opportunity to invest in an exclusive collection of properties in London, Dubai, and now Pakistan.

The company is proud to have a dedicated team of some of the best expert property analysts who are always on the lookout for new opportunities and check out due diligence on fresh developments.  One Investments aims to work with the most credible and trustworthy partners and ensures not only the safety of the investment, but also a stable high capital growth. Delivering the step-ahead property investment strategies that will bring a client maximum financial benefits is a top priority for One Investments.

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