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We’ve collected the most frequently asked questions about CPIC and our developments in Pakistan below. Just click on the links below to see the answers. If you have a question that does not appear below please get in touch with us via our contact page.

  1. Are development costs included in the land price, if not what are the expected development costs and when will these be payable?view
  2. Can foreign investors own land in Gwadar?view
  3. Do I need to open a bank account in Pakistan?view
  4. How can I be sure that my investment is safe?view
  5. How can I contact the CPIC office in London?view
  6. How can I contact the CPIC office in New York?view
  7. How do I keep up to date with work carried out on my plot and the development?view
  8. How do I know I will get the plot that I want?view
  9. How do I know that my investment in Gwadar via CPIC are reliable and secure?view
  10. How secure is Pakistan at the moment?view
  11. Is there a penalty if I don’t start construction on my house by September 2020?view
  12. Is there a shortage of water in Gwadar?view
  13. Land grabbing is prevalent in Gwadar; how do you protect our plots?view
  14. People have been selling land in Gwadar for the last 10 years and nothing has happened to date. What is different now?view
  15. What development works are included in the development?view
  16. What if I want to resale my land?view
  17. What if the construction companies pull out?view
  18. What to buy in Gwadar?view
  19. When am I given Final Plot Allotment for my land purchase?view
  20. When is the development works costs expected to be paid? How will the works take place? What about the construction of my house?view
  21. Where to buy property in Gwadar?view
  22. Who runs CPIC?view
  23. Who will carry out the construction works on China Pak Golf Estates?view
  24. Why CPEC?view
  25. Why is China investing so much in Pakistan? What is their true purpose?view
  26. Why should I invest in Gwadar plots?view
  27. Will my plot be safe in Gwadar as Pakistan has been involved in the war with Afghanistan?view
  28. Are all CPIC projects approved by the Gwadar Development Authority?view