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Are all CPIC projects approved by the Gwadar Development Authority?

Yes, all CPIC projects have documented No Objection Certificate (NOC) approval from the Gwadar Development Authority.

The NOC number for International Port City is: 74/07/HS/GDA (B)

The NOC number for China Pak Golf Estates is: 58/06/HS/GDA (B)

Why are CPIC not mentioned on the GDA website?

Our right to sell is confirmed via a letter from the seller whose name is on the website and an agreement which is registered with GDA.

What does the (B) mean after the No Objection Certificate (NOC) number?

The classification of a NOC is the responsibility of the GDA. It is NOT an indication that B is more prime than A or vice versa. For example, a B category project could be closer to landmarks such as the Airport and Freezone than a project of A category.

Why does it say ‘NOC restored conditionally’?

Of the 77 NOCs issued in Gwadar in 2004 – only 22 NOCs have been restored conditionally as of May 2018. These NOCs were restored after an extensive due-diligence process conducted by the Gwadar Development Authority. They completed:

  • Verification of land and ownership to establish a clean title and identify pending court cases or judgements.
  • Verification of land boundaries to ensure there were no overlaps or disputes regarding ownership with the local revenue department.
  • Geo tagging of land coordinates.

The condition for restoration is that the developer must complete infrastructure work within three years from date of restoration of NOC. This process undertaken by the Gwadar Development Authority, ensures that both local and international buyers can purchase land or property in Gwadar securely – so long as the NOC has been restored.