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Reasons To Invest In Pakistan

5 Key Reasons To Invest In Pakistan

Geo-strategic Location

Pakistan is a land of opportunities and its geographical location makes it a perfect place for investment. If we see its location on the map, it has connection with central Asian states, which are rich in energy, Gulf states, who have huge reservoirs of petroleum, and far eastern countries, which are economically developed now. All these reasons are enough to prove the importance of its location.

Skilled labor force

Pakistani workforce can speak English, they are intelligent and hardworking. They are not only literate, but trained to do their work too. The country has engineers, lawyers, bankers and other experts, who are well trained and have experience in their respective fields. Professionals having international are also available in Pakistan.

Economic Position

The economy of the country has experienced a high growth rate in 2005 as it has increased 8.4%. the middle class is growing and now country has more than 170 million users. Foreign investments have also increased $300 million to $3.77 billion, from 1990s to 2008-09. Decline in fiscal deficit is also seen, as in 1990s it was 7% of GDP and now its 3%. Forex reserves were $ 11.6 billion in 2009, in year 2000-01 they were $3.22 billion.

Investment Policies

present policies regarding investment are specifically created according to the needs of investors. The Policies are made to suit the liberalization, privatization, de-regulation and facilitation.

Economic Markets

In Pakistan, capital markets are no more the same. They have been modernized and reforms are introduced for the better infrastructure of the stock exchange of the country. The structure is still developing for the betterment. The securities and exchange commission of Pakistan has introduced different reforms, improving the monitoring of leasing sector, stock exchanges and corporate bond market. Structural reforms in tax sector and tariffs are facilitated by the Federal board of revenue. Banks also offer high returns on invested amount as State bank of Pakistan has strengthen banking sector to greater extend.

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