11 Exceptional Reasons You Should Consider Investing in Gwadar

Gwadar is a port city in the southwestern borders of the Baluchistan district in Pakistan. This city, which remained undeveloped and desolate until recently, has shot into prominence because of its deep-sea port in the Arabian Sea. Gwadar port and Gwadar city are being developed with massive funds from China with its ambitious multibillion-dollar project China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Gwadar has unlimited investment possibilities to offer and everyone seems to be interested in investing in real estate in Gwadar.

Here are 11 exceptional reasons why you should consider investing in Gwadar Pakistan.

  1. Gwadar is slated to become the next Dubai
  2. Although it seems far-fetched now, the furious pace of infrastructure development in Gwadar port and Gwadar mega oil-city has surprised many people. Even the investors sitting on the benches are now showing a keen interest in the Gwadar real estate possibilities. This is both because of already rising property prices in Gwadar and the belief that it will become a highly developed port-city, such as Dubai, in the next two decades.
  1. Endless business opportunities
  2. Gwadar, when it is developed and fully operational, will see a burst of economic activities from transportation and hospitality to entertainment and recreation. It will become a hub of economic activities carried out by contractors, businessman, and real estate investors. This is the main reason why investment in Pakistan has become synonymous with Gwadar as investors see real opportunities not found elsewhere in Pakistan.
  1. Amazing returns on investment
  2. If you are an investor, your primary goal is to look for properties that will give you a hugely profit over a long period. This is where Gwadar scores heavily over all other real estate projects elsewhere in Pakistan. What is very alluring for those planning, in terms of Pakistan investment, is the fact that prices of land in Gwadar right now are lying very low. But they are increasing at a brisk pace and experts believe they will explode once Gwadar port becomes operational.
  1. Opportunities in the tourism sector
  2. Pakistan is believed to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world when it comes to natural scenery. It also contains tons of historic monuments and structures for the attraction of tourists. Pakistan has many of the highest mountain peaks of the world. Gwadar will serve as the entry point for millions of tourists eager to see these attractions for themselves. By starting your tourism business in Gwadar, you can take it to new heights soon.
  1. Alluring prospects of industrial growth
  2. Gwadar is going to become the economic hub of not just Baluchistan, but the whole of Pakistan. That’s for sure. If you are an entrepreneur, you can just imagine the opportunities lying ahead for you in Gwadar mega oil-city once it is developed and operational. You can not only reap the rewards of high returns on your Gwadar real estate investment but also set up a profitable business in any sector of the economy you can think of.
  1. Lifting of property taxes promises a barrage of investment
  2. Gwadar has been in the news for a long time. However, investors showed only lukewarm interest in Gwadar real estate because of the property taxes announced by the government in 2016. The situation changed when the government announced tax amnesty to investors in December 2016. Since then, thousands of investors are rushing to seize this opportunity in Gwadar and are enquiring about investment opportunities.
  1. Firm resolve of the government for Gwadar project
  2. People were reluctant as they were not sure of the government’s resolve for the development of Gwadar port and mega oil city. But now that they have seen the pace of infrastructure development, people interested in investment in Pakistan are jumping on to various projects in Gwadar.
  1. Gwadar will serve as the winter capital of Baluchistan
  2. The Chief Minister of Baluchistan recently announced that once Gwadar port and city development is completed, this city will serve as the winter capital of the province. This has given a big boost to the confidence of the investors from around the world who are capitalising on this investment opportunity in Pakistan.
  1. Activities of real estate agents
  2. One can see lots of real estate agents moving and working in Gwadar now. These agents sense the kind of opportunities that lie ahead for them as businessmen start to arrive in Gwadar. The presence of so many real estate agents in Gwadar confirms the fact that they will trigger construction of places to not just live but also work and recreation. The charm of Gwadar real estate will soon translate into residential and commercial structures in this port city.
  1. High level of safety and security
  2. The responsibility for safety and security of all investors and residents of Gwadar will be in the hands of the Pakistan government and Pakistan military. This is the reason why investors are feeling confident about their safety and security in Gwadar. Pakistan military has worked hard to make this port and the city totally secure for investors.
  1. International standards of infrastructure and amenities
  2. As Gwadar port and mega oil city are international projects undertaken jointly by China and Pakistan, they will provide amenities and infrastructure that is truly world class to the investors. People who have seen this dusty town being transformed into a major economic hub of Pakistan are sure that their investment in Gwadar real estate is sound and safe.
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