There are two stages of Gwadar: Pre-CPEC Gwadar, which was a Pakistani dream but as we now experiencing Post-CPEC in which the vision of Gwadar is becoming true. It’s the gateway city to the reality of China’s $62 Billion investment into Pakistan.

In 2004, the Pakistan president began the development of Gwadar. He gave the management to the Singapore Port holding company who slowly began to develop the infrastructure. Pakistan and China signed in 2016 the China, Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) agreement which included the investment of $62 Billion into Pakistan and CPEC.

Gwadar will be under Chinese operations for the next 43 years and because it is the gateway city to CPEC, the time for change is now. As China is incredibly motivated to help Gwadar grow, they had started a Freezone in January 2018 and since then dozens of Chinese and Pakistani businesses operating from Gwadar’s Freezone. The investments from the private sector has already reached more than $450 Million.