Gwadar is destined to become the new Dubai and is already an important link between China and the markets in Central and South Asia on both political and economic ground. Because of its location, it has connections with central Asian states (energy rich), Gulf states (providing with huge reservoirs of petroleum) and far eastern countries (economically developing). When it comes to business opportunities it’s expected that more than 500,000 professional men and women will find their way to Gwadar by 2023. The country has professional engineers, lawyers, bankers and other experts, who are highly skilled and experienced in their respective fields.

Just like any aspect of Pakistan, the capital markets aren’t the same as they used to be as they have been modernized and reformed for the better infrastructure of the stock exchange of the country. The economy of Pakistan has experienced an 8.4% increase since 2005 and foreign investments have also increased $300 million to $3.77 billion from 1990s to 2008-09.

When it comes to investors, policies regarding investment are specifically created according their needs so that they come first. Gwadar will offer you endless investments opportunities in the centre of a prosperous country. Whether it’s for commercial or residential purposes, all the construction works will be overseen by the the largest construction and engineering firm in the world, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation with who China Pak Golf Estates, specialized in real estate investments within the $62bn China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), teamed up with for all their projects.