The plot(s) will be recorded and registered, if applicable, with GDA under the name of the Allottee(s) name, once all payments to the Developer/Seller are received in full and subject to all local regulatory and jurisdictional requirements, formalities and/or payments being completed. The Allottee(s) should possess inter alia a Pakistani Passport and/or NICOP, if the plot(s) is to be registered under the name of the Allottee(s) name. In the event that the Allottee(s) does not possess a Pakistani passport and/or NICOP or any other document which may be required to have the plot(s) recorded and/or registered with GDA, If not, a company shall should be formed in Pakistan, the Allottee(s) will be the owner(s) of this company and the plot(s) will be registered under the name of the Company.

All procedures and requirements under Pakistani law in relation to the to do with company formation can be guided and advised through by a legal counsel. (All costs and expenses associated with company formation and operation, including ensuring good standing, under Pakistani law, is to be borne solely by the Allottee(s).