10 Fun Things To Do In Islamabad City – Part 1


It all started with a fine breakfast! Could there have been a better start to the day for our travellers and social influencer Tom and Ellie? The host and local social media star, Humna Raza, greeted them to a royal Pakistani breakfast in a restaurant in the heart of Islamabad. For two travellers who had spent more than 5 years travelling, breakfast at the ChaayeKhana was well-staffed in the morning making it an experience worth savouring.

Here are some of the amazing places they visited:-

The Unbelievable Khanpur Dam Resort

At a distance of 50 km from the centre of Islamabad, lies a resort that offers decent food, nice adventures, and a serene atmosphere to enjoy with your loved ones. The Khanpur Dam Lake is the best place in Pakistan to treat yourself to water sports, Jet Ski, a good day trek, and boating with family. Our guests Tom and Ellie describe the place as an adventurer’s paradise in Islamabad. The lush, breezy landscapes in the area offer quite much to every visitor. In what’s known as one of the best zip lines across the country, the zip line in Khanpur takes you on a ride that’s paved through the best scenery.

The Stunning Views of the Faisal Mosque

If you are visiting Islamabad for a day and are just planning sightseeing, then let the Faisal Mosque be the first visit on the list. The mosque offers the best example of the amalgamation of ancient heritage and modern architecture in Islamabad. For a country that’s often criticised for its religious intolerance, this is a fine example that breaks all the myths. The spectacular decor is inspired by a Bedouin tent and is quite different from the traditional tomb-shaped mosques. Welcoming to visitors of all races, this mosque can be the best place to spend some time in mental and physical peace.

The Unbeaten Hiking Trails

Quite a few capitals across the world offer hiking trails in the city itself. Islamabad is one of them, and it caters well to the needs of the locals as well as the expatriates in the city. Find your hidden gem location amidst the many trails that have still been left undisturbed by mankind. Get ready for a spectacular walk along with the rich wildlife and natural heritage including all the green and well-maintained areas, amazing landscaping, lush gardens, open spaces to freely walk in, the sight and sound of water. Who knows you may get lucky enough to photograph a few wild beasts just like Tom did.

The Historical Pakistan Monument

The Pakistan Monument is known as the capital city’s symbolic birthplace. This was the place where the person who planned the picturesque Islamabad stood while planning the city. The unique architecture, cultural heritage, the unity among the nationals, and stories that reveal the valour of the Pakistani martyrs – you get to learn the most about Pakistan in this tourist-friendly destination right in the heart of the city.

 The Unforgettable Heritage Museum

He who travels without the desire to know the culture and history of the place is no traveller!

Chances are if you are in Islamabad and are asking the locals for a place to learn more about  the culture, you will be directed to the Heritage Museum. Respected and recognised by the local community, this museum is the best place to learn more about Pakistan. Grab a guide book or hire a guide who can tell you about the vast and rich history of Pakistan. The grand museum, that’s built on two floors captures some of the most peculiar and unknown facts of Pakistan. The Heritage Museum is the best for people planning a morning stroll after a hearty breakfast nearby. More information can be found here: http://lokvirsa.org.pk/heritage-museum/

Part 2 coming soon.


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