10 Fun Things To Do In Islamabad City – Part 2

To round off our top 10, here are the remaining five locations to visit in Islamabad:-

Traditional Pakistani Cuisine at the English Tea House

Here’s a food venture that represents the country’s local cuisine in its varied form and completes it with international influences. The English Tea House can be the best place to eat a revitalising lunch after all the tiring trails across the city. The place offers an ambience and decor that helps you round off the Pakistani meal extravagantly.

The Once in a Lifetime Experience at Margalla Hills

Known for the character that it provides to the city beneath, the Margalla Hills are a famous rock climbing destinations in Pakistan. As part of the Margalla range with 12,605 hectares of breath-taking natural beauty. Climb to the top and treat your soul to magnificent views. This wondrous experience can be the sole candidate to make your Pakistan experience breath-taking and worth-sharing.

 The Spectacular Sunset

We have always been fascinated with stories about how people around us got a view of the most amazing sunsets around the world. Well, here’s good news for you if you are planning a visit to Islamabad. Your sunset story can beat ’em all!

Beyond some loose gravel and some soft sand is a place that offers a beautiful place to spot the sun disappear. Don’t forget to carry plenty of water. Get ready for an experience of a sunset from the edge-of-the-world!

Go Go-Karting!

Who says Islamabad isn’t suited to racers out there? Located in Islamabad, is a paradise for motoring enthusiasts. The place is recommended to everyone who doesn’t love the idea of leaving Pakistan without fun and exhilaration.

A Day that Starts Well Must End Well!

For Tom and Ellie, the day started with a tasty breakfast at Islamabad’s favourite breakfast spot. The dinner had to be one that makes sure that the Pakistan trip is no less than overwhelming. The Monal Restaurant is arguably the best place in the city to taste the rich, spicy, and sweet Pakistani recipes all on one table. 

All in all, Islamabad is a gorgeous city filled with monumental structures, breath-taking experiences, and a lot of great food. Any time of the year is the best time to explore the capital city of Islamabad.

So, when are you planning your trip to Islamabad?



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