5 Big Reasons why there is a Gold Rush for Gwadar Land

The south-western part of Pakistan is undergoing a major change right now. The multi-billion-dollar CPEC project is expected to bring phenomenal changes in the economy of the region and the whole of Pakistan. In what has already transformed into a hot topic for investors in China as well as other parts of the world, the region of Baluchistan is no longer neglected or understated in Pakistan. 

The project has been forecasted by some real estate experts across the world as the next Dubai. This has caught the eyes of investors not only in Pakistan and China, but also people living in other parts of the world who are interested in investing their money in Pakistan. Here are five exceptional reasons that is driving the heart of investors to the land of Gwadar.

Endless business opportunities

Investors are finally seeing Pakistan as their next destination to reap benefits from. After four years of talks between the officials of China and Pakistan, both the countries have finally came to terms with the various projects that are carried out in the region under the CPEC. Also, the recent declaration by the Pakistani government of giving investors the freedom to carry out their business in the Gwadar Free zone, tax free, for the next couple of years is gaining much appreciation. This has made Pakistan a good market for businesses to sell their products. The port of Gwadar after being fully developed is set to host millions of residents, thereby providing businesses ample opportunity to set up their hospitality; transportation; entertainment and educational companies.

Gwadar is said to become the second Dubai

The whole world observed the rapid developmental activities that happened in Dubai after it was discovered as one of the biggest oil fields in the world. A Saudi delegation that visited the region of Gwadar last year in 2018, announced that they would be setting up the world’s third largest refinery in the vicinity. 

The pace of infrastructure development in the Gwadar region has amazed a lot investors who are showing keen interest. The property prices in Gwadar have already started soaring up and is expected to increase further within the next five years.

High levels of safety and security

Security is one of the most concerning factors that keeps investors away from the Pakistani market.  However, with the top officials announcing that the Pakistan government will take all the necessary actions to provide safety and security to the people within Gwadar. 

Good return of investment

Investors are always on the lookout for opportunities to get huge profit, the port city of Gwadar presents a great option. For investors who are looking to put their money in Pakistan, Gwadar is the best place for them. 

The Gwadar port city provides a great opportunity for investors to come and operate. Tax exemptions from the Pakistani government is a huge breakthrough that can allow businesses to keep as much of their profit for themselves.

Gwadar will provide huge opportunities in the tourism sector

The tourism industry is one of the greatest factors behind the development of countries today.  The fact that the China and Pak governments are working in the region to develop it as a great residential city and a great tourism spot gives provides a wealth of new opportunities for the tourism sector. 

The Baluchistan province is blessed with a great natural heritage which provides soothing destinations to the tourist community. The development of a safe port city in the Gwadar region will provide tourists the option to visit Gwadar and the nearby regions for a great vacation with their family. Businesses have the opportunity to make their mark in the Gwadar tourism sector and reap the benefits in the long-term. The warm waters of the Arabian Sea in the Gwadar region provides for a great beach vacation for tourists in Pakistan as well as other parts of the world.

Investors have already started pouring in their money in the Gwadar region and are determined to make the most out of their investments in Pakistan.

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