Business Leaders Look Towards Gwadar to Reach Its Full Potential

Pakistan’s business community had many reasons to be excited as Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi, met with the newly-appointed Ambassador of China to Pakistan, Nong Rong.

Ambassador Nong Rong’s expertise lies in the areas of trade and commerce, and he is expected to bring about new avenues of commercial cooperation between Pakistan and China.

The Foreign Minister and the Chinese ambassador met earlier this month to discuss all matters of both regional and international interest, particularly the completion of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects at Gwadar.

The Foreign Minister emphasized the need to complete the CPEC projects quickly in order to allow the Gwadar Port to reach its full potential.

The Foreign Minister’s statement echoes the sentiments of those of the Parliamentary Committee on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

During the committee meeting that was held in October, National Assembly member Sher Ali Arbab stated that “Gwadar is the most important component of CPEC, and the success and prolific results of CPEC are intrinsically dependent on the effective operationalization of Gwadar.”

Sher Ali Arbab further stated that it is absolutely essential that the ongoing projects at Gwadar Port be completed expeditiously. He also stressed the importance of everyone—including citizens and various governmental departments— working together to complete the Gwadar projects quickly and efficiently to ensure a bright, rich, and robust future for Pakistan.

Similarly, to Sher Ali Arbab, the Foreign Minister maintained that the CPEC is a transformation project during his meeting with Nong Rong. He further expressed that he hopes that the Chinese ambassador will use his experience in trade and commerce to expedite the CPEC projects and to promote industrialization in the Gwadar area and throughout all of Pakistan.

The Foreign Minister further emphasized that the two countries should expand their cooperation in the sector of agriculture, which would allow Pakistan to export its agricultural products to the Chinese market.

During the meeting of the two dignitaries, Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi congratulated Ambassador Nong Rong on his recent appointment.

The Foreign Minister also stated that the leaders and people of Pakistan are looking forward to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit. This lavish occasion will also mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.

Ambassador Nong Rong thanked the Foreign Minister for his kind words and referred to Pakistan as his second home. The ambassador also stated that China would support the speedy completion of all CPEC projects, referring to the relationship between the two countries as an anchor for peace, security, and regional development.

Additionally, Ambassador Nong Rong stated that Pakistan and China should work together to promote and protect all of their shared interests.


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