China Pak Golf Estates – Gwadar’s First Luxury Gated Golf Community Revealed

Offered by leading developers CPIC, China Pak Golf Estates is the first development of its kind and will deliver luxury into the expanding city of Gwadar. CPIC, one of the largest private investment firms developing in Pakistan, is positioned globally with presence in the UK, USA, Middle East, and Pakistan. CPIC are championing trustworthiness, transparency and international standards into Pakistan’s real estate industry.

This grand golf community worth $265 Million, is secure and gated and spread across 6.7 million square feet. It is tailor-made for both Pakistani and Chinese professionals working in the flourishing port city of Gwadar and provides all of the amenities and facilities needed for a quality lifestyle. It is set to become the most desirable residential and lifestyle address in Gwadar.

Everything is provided within the community to enable residents to live, work and play. Golf enthusiasts will be able to indulge their passion at the Residents Golf Course and those who like to explore will be superbly situated with easy access to the CPEC Coastal Highway, just four Miles to the beach and resorts, eight Miles to Gwadar International Airport and ten Miles to New Town Gwadar. China Pak Golf Estates has its own International Shopping Mall, a Multi-Plex Cinema, community parks, the China Pak Medical Centre, the China Pak High School and a state of the art, Eco-Zone Recycling Centre.

Quality is always guaranteed with CPIC as we only work with the best construction companies. For China Pak Golf Estates, CPIC has signed an MOU with the second largest construction and engineering firm in the world, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC). The Chinese State-owned construction company was established in June 1979 and its business activities have spanned over 40 countries. It has an impressive record of delivery including railway construction, civil engineering design, real estate development, trading, industrial investment and hotel management.

China Pak Golf Estates is at the heart of Gwadar and will benefit hugely from Chinese investment. The old Silk Road trading route is being modernised and reinvigorated by the Chinese, with $5 trillion worth of investment via the ‘One Belt One Road’ (OBOR) initiative. Gwadar is based at the gateway of OBORs flagship project, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and is receiving an impressive investment in its infrastructure. Huge expansion is forecast along the lines of the Chinese city Shenzhen and its vast growth in the 80’s and 90’s.

Investors in China Pak Golf Estates will be able to take advantage of investing securely with CPIC, they’ll enjoy the ‘world class’ quality of construction, the all-encompassing lifestyle as well as the beneficial position of Gwadar.

CPIC gained huge traction with their London bus campaign, which was dubbed “the most expensive campaign ever to promote Pakistan”, covering over 100 busses in Central London, promoting the message of Gwadar as an investment destination. The campaign was viewed by 10 million of the world’s most influential people, and went viral all over global media with over 100 million views. Additionally, International Port City also saw excellent interest from high profile celebrities. One of the famous investor is world boxing champion, Amir Khan, who publicized his purchase in International Port City to over 2 Million followers on social media. Amir Khan also attended the developers’ sales event in Palo Alto, California.

CPIC Board member, Ryan He said,

“Our aim is to help Gwadar build its social infrastructure to compliment the huge amount of Chinese investment in the area. We are developing multi-cultural, lifestyle communities that are secure and cater to both local and expatriate professionals. Our developments are built by world class construction companies and CPIC are proud to introduce international levels of transparency and service into Pakistan.
China Pak Golf Estates is an exciting offer.”

Mark Savage, CPICs Chief Commercial Officer comments shared:

“CPIC’s operations stem from three core values: building trust, being transparent and developing world-class, sustainable communities. Our customers choose CPIC because they want complete peace of mind. They know that once they have selected the property of their choice on China Pak Golf Estates, this investment is then secured in their name.”

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