CPIC To Launch China Pak Golf Estates: Cosmopolitan

CPIC Global, market leader in Gwadar real estate are launching an extension to their China Pak Golf Estates project. This gated community in the city is known for its added luxury but the new property development builds on that luxurious element in a project known as Cosmopolitan.

Cosmopolitan by China Pak Golf Estates is Gwadar’s destination for the chic and urban and here’s all you need to know about this exciting new launch.

What does the Cosmopolitan development offer?

The Cosmopolitan development remains situated in the heart of Gwadar’s luxury community and it can, therefore, provide all the benefits enjoyed by the residents of China Pak Golf Estates. The wider project offers a unique blend of flexible real estate opportunities, never before seen in Gwadar, and they are all in the vicinity of the development’s amenities.

These include schools, the city’s hospitals plus luxury shopping malls and food courts. These are all bonuses for the new development but there are specific features that help to make Cosmopolitan truly special.

These are the first ever plots to offer basements and rooftop terraces. Living space is, therefore, increased which will be a key attraction for families. Those basement rooms carry huge potential and could be converted into nurseries or playrooms depending on the age of the young family members. Alternatively, for young teenagers, they can be utilised as an additional bedroom, offering privacy away from the rest of the family.

The roof terraces offer additional elements which may appeal to young professionals. They are perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing and enjoying the Gwadar sun.

What are the costings involved with Cosmopolitan?

Prices for the Cosmopolitan Development range between a choice of 125 square yard plots that are available starting from £9,999 (or $13,499). These plots are available from the 18th June. From 6th June, there is a chance to reserve Cosmopolitan plots with a fee of £1,000 (or $1,000 for US and RoW customers).

For further details, talk to a sales representative at CPIC Global right away and get to know this exciting Cosmopolitan property development in the heart of the rapidly developing city of Gwadar.

UPDATE: After a sell out pre-registration launch of Phase 1, CPIC are proudly launching Cosmopolitan phase 2 in the  Gwadar’s premier private development project – China Pak Golf Estates.


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