Commodity Exhibition & Trading Centre to be Operational by 2023 in Gwadar Free Zone

The China Pak Economic Corridor will be a source of transporting tons of products from China to the Middle East, Africa and Europe through the Gwadar port, making it a source of substantial geopolitical possibilities for Pakistan in the future.

By forming connectivity in the entire region, CPEC is bound to become the next big thing for the country as it will massively improve Pakistan’s power and assets.

In the most recent developments, the main structure of the Southern China Commodity Exhibition and Trading Centre, Gwadar Free Zone, was capped successfully. The project’s constructor, CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co. Ltd., confirmed that the infrastructure will be operational by the beginning of 2023 and conduct great business exhibitions.

The project spans roughly 2,000 square metres. The centre includes a massive lobby, an exhibition hall, offices, a business area, conference rooms, a sports court, dorms and much more facilities. Once completed, it will showcase Pakistani and Chinese merchandise to both local and foreign tourists.

According to the constructor, the first floor is planned to exhibit goods. Additionally, it may serve as a conference centre when required and has the capacity to host 500 people. Furthermore, it can be used as a sports arena to organise large-scale cultural and sports events like badminton tournaments, basketball matches and many others.

A spokesperson from CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co. Ltd. also said, “The relentless efforts being done on the project will turn it into a centre for exhibition and sales, trade and logistics in Gwadar”.

CPEC has served as a confidence booster for investors and draws investments not just from China but from all around the world. The economic corridor, in addition to transportation infrastructure, aims to provide Pakistan with telecommunications and energy infrastructure.

The timely completion of the projects under CPEC will generate a significant number of employment opportunities and raise the standards of living for the people of Pakistan. With the current pace of this mega project, CPEC will undoubtedly pave the way for new development opportunities in the fields of infrastructure, agriculture, and all other major economic sectors.

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