CPEC News – February Summary

CPEC’s next phase spells promise

CPEC is a long term project with many ambitious goals that will take time to complete. China has goals of regional prosperity and peace that can be associated with fully operational CPEC infrastructure. It is only a matter of time before we can see Pakistan flourish under CPEC.

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COVID-19 won’t slow down CPEC: Pak official

The strong ties and friendship between Pakistan and China should endure this recent health crisis. According to this article, in the interests of both countries, every precaution will be taken particularly with workers from China.   

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Making CPEC

An in-depth article about the objectives of CPEC, giving a comprehensive run down of ongoing and completed projects. The op-ed piece by Ikram Sehgal makes some balanced observations regarding everything from loans to construction time.

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Land allocation in process for $10b Saudi Aramco refinery in Gwadar

Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) Director-General Shahzeb Khan Kakar, has stated that a new multi-billion oil refinery will be built in the port city of Gwadar. The Director-General expects that the land allocation for both a refinery and a $1bn petrochemical site will be completed this year.

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Reaping Benefits from CPEC

An article explaining the progress of CPEC and the benefits so far. Roads and railways that connect regions were built often with the help of international companies such as Daewoo. Universities and colleges are being constructed or opened, and farming businesses are opening along major motorways. Tourism is also expected to boom as one of the prime benefits of CPEC.

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