CPEC News Roundup – July 2020

CPEC and digitization after COVID-19

A comprehensive article about moving Pakistan into the digital age under CPEC. In order to optimise existing and future coordination in the supply chain within Pakistan and with the Chinese, digital connectivity would help the flow of information, online banking, e-commerce and physical goods and services. 

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China ready to extend CPEC to Afghanistan

As reported on CPIC, Afghan trade transit is now docking into Gwadar. China has recently expressed interest in making Afghanistan. Hua Chunying said China was also pleased to see the Gwadar port, among other CPEC projects, playing a positive role in the process and stands ready to work together with Pakistan and Afghanistan in this regard.Other news elsewhere, concern the inclusion also of Iran:  Read this story here.

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Iran-China Trade Agreements To Strengthen CPEC, Gwadar: Senator Mushahid

Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed on Tuesday said that Iran-China trade agreements would strengthen China Pakistan Economic Corridor and Gwadar projects besides regional connectivity. He welcomed opening of trade and business corridors between Iran and China.

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Gwadar projects employs more than 90% local staff

Short story: Gwadar port and Gwadar Eastbay Expressway employed 280 and 697 locals respectively. This brings the localisation rate to 94% and 98% for the projects.

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CGGC sends third batch of technicians to build CPEC projects

Under strict rules of quarantine, 215 Chinese technicians have been dispatched to Dasu Hydropower Project, Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Station, Suki Kinari Hydroelectric Project and Mohmand hydroelectric project. Co-vid 19 has affected timelines meaning that deadlines have tightened.

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China enhances its support to Pakistan in health sector under CPEC

China has enhanced its support to Pakistan in the health-care sector to control COVID-19 epidemic, Gwadar Pro reported.

“This is going to create a great image of China as till now it has mainly invested in energy sector and a lot can be done in Medical Education and Medical Tourism,” said Dr Muhammad Shahbaz who had initiated the conception of Health Corridor in 2017.

According to the report, later cooperation between Chinese and Pakistani institutes was initiated leading to the realization of the healthcare goals.

The Health Corridor establishes telemedicine, virtual classrooms. Meanwhile, this healthcare project focused on sharing medical data and experience, doctors training. In addition, several mechanisms were built, such as Belt & Road Health Fund, Belt & Road Medical Force (BRMF), Silk Road Higher Medical Education forum (SRHMEF) and connectivity via Medical Tourism (BRM).

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Balochistan political parties voice support for CPEC

Paki­stani and Chinese lead­ers spoke with Ba­lochistan Local Leaders and all parties agreed that the province was a key part of the Chi­na-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

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CFPD promotes Sino-Pak cooperation in education sector

Further to our report here,China-Pakistan Gwadar Faqeer Middle School, sponsored by China Foundation for Peace and Development (CFPD) will open new educational opportunities for the local people to join the main national stream of socio-economic development, Gwadar Pro reported on Friday.

Xu Jianguo, Secretary-General of CFPD, believes that education is the best gift one can give to a child. “Our foundation have funded projects to help improve the level of local basic education, improve local labor quality, promote local economic and social development, and maintain social stability,” he noted.

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Special economic zones in Gwadar to boost economy

With the end of the second phase of CPEC nearing, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s vice president, Fehmida Kausar Jamali, said that the incumbent government had succeeded in stabilizing the country’s fiscal position in its two years of governance despite the current challenges.

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