CPEC News Summary for October

Prime Minister Imran Khan Inaugurates New CPEC Coal Power Plant

This week, Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan inaugurated one of CPEC’s major projects which is a 1,320 megawatt China Hub power plant.

Jobs creation associated with this CPEC project is of utmost importance: “There are 6,000 Pakistani workers associated with the project,” said the Prime Minister Khan.

The coal powered plant will generate electricity at low cost for many in the Balochistan region and beyond.

Prime Minister Khan also commented on the other industries while at the inauguration ceremony, saying: “China is providing help and cooperation in fisheries and agriculture sectors that will help boost our economy.”

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No Slowdown in CPEC Projects

Coming off the story about the inauguration of power plant, China made it clear that there is no slowdown in the construction of CPEC projects.

“CPEC is running according to our satisfaction and there is no slowdown in it,” Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing said during his keynote address at a seminar titled “Friends of Silk Road” organised by Pakistan-China Institute in the federal capital in late September.

Speaking in early September, the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing said that there are many projects that are close to completion or are about to be completed. These projects are mainly energy and infrastructure related.

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Egypt Companies Investing $1bn in Pakistan

Announced on the 22nd Oct, Egyptian ambassador to Pakistan Ahmed Fadel Yacoub, said companies based in Egypt shall be investing $1bn into Pakistan.

The Pakistani industries to benefit will be in the energy, building, pharmaceutical, halal food and tourism sectors.

This additional investment is spearheaded by the confidence in the country to grow with the assistance of CPEC and its strategic position in the Asian region.

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