CPEC to Open New Avenues of Uplift for the Country

The ongoing mega development project, CPEC, is continually progressing at a fast pace. During a session held by the officers of the Foreign Affairs Departments recently, the Governor of Punjab confirmed that the current government is determined to speed up the ongoing development of projects under CPEC.

Under the current leadership and with the ongoing pace of this mega project, CPEC is bound to open new avenues of development in infrastructure, agriculture and all other dominant sectors of the economy.

Due to its numerous advantages, Moin Ul Haque, Pakistani Ambassador to China, previously termed CPEC as a “people-centric, socially inclusive, environmentally friendly, and green and sustainable” initiative.

The CPEC will connect a vast arch of regional markets from China to South and West Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe, which is why the project has been referred to as a game changer for the country’s economy.

As one of CPEC’s economic zones, Gwadar’s strategic location has allowed it to be transformed with an International Airport, making the zone an outlet for many new local and global investment opportunities. This modernised port will give Pakistan the status of a regional hub for trade, transportation and economic activity.

By creating fresh markets with massive business opportunities, CPEC will promote economic development and inter-regional connectivity.

In collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment, CPEC Authority of Pakistan has installed over 3,000 solar panel units in Gwadar which will provide free electricity to the local users.

Considering the fast pace of the work being carried out, CPEC will soon fulfil its mission of rapidly upgrading Pakistan’s required infrastructure and strengthening its economy by the construction of modern transportation networks, numerous energy projects, and special economic zones.

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