Five Actionable Tips For Buying Land in Gwadar


The top tip for investing in property is to try to buy in an area which is regarded as “up and coming”. Doing so allows you to get in on the ground floor in a development which may be just slightly popular, or even unpopular. That way you can make your purchase before the area becomes more desirable and prices start to rise, thereby reaping the benefits when they do. Some analysts are more specific. They recommend buying land within a 30-mile radius of major urban growth centres. Others believe that land prices will follow the jobs. If, for example, there are projections of sizeable increases in the workforce of a particular area then land there has good investment potential. The same is true for land near new major highways and ports. So let’s apply these conditions to Gwadar. It is quite clearly an up and coming part of the world and consequently this is the optimum time for investors to become part of the thriving Gwadar property scene. From 1783 until 1958, when it was bought by Pakistan, Gwadar was an overseas possession of Oman. During that time its economy consisted almost entirely of a small fishing fleet. It remained a sleepy village until 2015, when Pakistan and China launched the $62 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

Gwadar will become one of the project’s key cities. All Chinese imports and exports to and from Europe, Africa, the Arabian Gulf states and the Middle East will pass through Gwadar’s deep-water port. These commodities will arrive and depart Gwadar on a major new highway. Central Asian republics will also make use of its strategic location for their trading purposes. The city will host a floating liquefied natural gas facility that will be built as part of the $2.5 billion Gwadar-Nawabshah segment of the Iran–Pakistan gas pipeline project. However, in terms of increased demand for property, the strongest indicator is the construction of special economic zones in Gwadar, modelled on similar zones in China. The most-quoted Chinese model for Gwadar is Shenzen. In the 1970s, before it became a special economic zone, its population was just 30,000. Today it is estimated to be between 13-20 million. If Gwadar’s population increases by a fraction of Shenzen’s growth, demand for housing will likely hit the roof. It’s worth considering this: in 2014 Gwadar had 85,000 inhabitants. Currently that figure is estimated to be above 250,000. What will happen in the next five years? If you’re taking even the medium-term view of investing in Gwadar property, you have to ask yourself just how much demand there will be for prime residential plots in the near future. If you’re looking for information about plots of land in Gwadar we can help. 


We’ve all heard stories of people purchasing plots of land in Pakistan and losing all their money because the documentation was either faulty or non-existent. With CPIC all certificates will be provided as soon as possible after the completion of your purchase. Earlier this year we became the first real estate company in Gwadar to present a completed land project to new owners. The handover of Zone 1 of International Port City in Gwadar took place in March. The location consists of a multi-use, gated community. Over 50% of that 3.6 million square feet development has been set aside for open spaces. Additional land has been allocated for schools, a hospital, a shopping mall and a financial district. International Port City and our latest project, The China Pak Golf Estate, will cater for locals, expats and Chinese professionals who will be flocking to work there shortly. Everything you need for a vibrant and comfortable lifestyle is found there, including Gwadar’s first Chinese temple. By purchasing your plot through CPIC you’re getting a valuable piece of land and peace of mind.


Making the right choice as an investor in plots of land or property requires an accurate financial picture. You should know how much you need to spend, not only to make the purchase, but also on any extras. These could include possible legal fees, taxes and other costs. It’s also a good idea to set aside a little extra for any expenses you may not have thought of. Once you’ve added it all up you can then make an informed decision about how much you can afford. We go out of our way to make investing in Gwadar as easy and as cost effective as possible. A way to get the best price is to attend one of our exclusive city events and by signing up your interest. Our consultants can assist you and be transparent about all costs throughout.


In Gwadar, you are buying a plot of land. That’s the first step on that particular property ladder. The next stage is to actually build your home. It’s important to find reliable tradesmen who can complete the job on time and at a fair price. If you don’t have that knowledge don’t be scared to admit it and seek help. We can help you to create first class apartments and houses as we are working with a leading Chinese construction company, BDIR is involved on our second development in Gwadar. Of course, you are under no obligation to build on the land you buy.


Land as an investment is not an expensive option. Our plots begin from just £12,999 (+Development & infrastructure). Your secure asset won’t wear out and nothing will be broken, stolen or destroyed. In Gwadar there is only a finite amount of land available and as it gets snapped up the price inevitably will advance upwards. If you decide to go ahead and build on your land you can then choose whether to rent the apartment or make use of it for yourself and family. Whichever path you follow, CPIC will be there to assist you and offer guidance every step of the way. Please contact our London office for more information.

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