Gwadar Officials Inaugurate and Make Progress on Major Projects

In what is recognised as being a symbol of future economic prosperity, there is an area advanced by West China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan that is ready to play a significant part in benefiting the region throughout. In a recent address, Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani shared his thoughts on some of the latest developments at the port of Gwadar which is the gateway to progress and prosperity in the entire region.

Senate Chairman Sanjrani, in his speech, also recognised the recent developments between Pakistan and China. He stated the following:

“Pakistan and China have been making tremendous progress in establishing regional partnership towards achieving the shared ideals of peace, stability and development,” 

In the series of talks between the two nations, the recent statement by the Chinese president mentioning his friendship with Pakistan as unbreakable, this statement from a top Pakistani official is seen as a nurturing statement to the Pak-China all-weather strategic and trade alliance.

The Senate Chairman focused on the significance that the Gwadar port will make on the future of the region. The project in the warm waters of the area is being seen as a significant step to improve the maritime cooperation, trade and commerce among countries. The Baloch Chairman also recognised the future development projects that have been made possible with this major CPEC project. The massive job and business opportunities that the Gwadar Port Authority Commercial Complex will provide to the locals is also praise worthy. He continued:

“Even more heartening is the fact that the numerous projects under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will continue to attract investment and development in Gwadar for many years to come.”

The geographical conditions of the area are favourable for the development that’s taking place. Blessed with a sea frontage of more than 1000 km, This does not exclude existing ports from benefiting and are also projected to get a boost once the Gwadar is fully operational, contributing to additional sea traffic, transportation and trade.

The Pak-China relations took a new step with the inauguration of the Pakistan China Government Faqeer Colony Middle School Expansion Project, Gwadar 300 MW Coal-based Power Project and the Gwadar Port Authority Commercial Complex Project. All three projects have been developed as a result of the combined efforts of both governments. All the projects are a part of CPEC projects and are aimed at the development of the region. Port modernisation, connectivity, and other investment opportunities are projected to get a boost by all these projects. The area is also undergoing a project that is aimed to treat hard water issue which the area has been facing since a long time. 

“These three achievements are only the beginning of a long series of planned and ongoing projects that would complement the CPEC,” Sanjrani mentioned. “These initiatives will grant Pakistan and China the opportunity for sustainable and long-term economic development.”

Historically also Pakistan and China are known to share a “sweet and selfless” bond. The premieres of both countries have been noted to cooperate in various fields by experts from all over the world. Both the countries, after years of deliberations from officials on both sides have agreed to a significant Gwadar Port to make a mark on the area. The trade rivals in the area, Iran and the UAE, have made significant developments in recent years in the area. The Gwadar Port initiative aims to allure investment opportunities from the Iran and the UAE to Pakistan.

China is playing its part without any conditions and is helping Pakistan with all available aid. In his speech, The Senate Chairman mentioned the Chinese support of 4,000 solar energy facilities which will be beneficial in powering the project. With all the assistance, experts see this project as a single platform that can handle most of the trade that happens on the other two significant ports in Pakistan, namely the Karachi Port and Port Qasim.

The port of Gwadar is expected to become one of the leading commercial hubs in Pakistan and increase the economic development of the country. The federal cabinet of Pakistan only recently encouraged investment opportunities by exempting the tax for Gwadar Free Zone on the income of the operating companies. The tax exemptions for the businesses that are to be established in the Gwadar Zone for the next 23 years is also a big step to allure investment opportunities in the area.

The Gwadar and Balochistan area are seen as a significant part of Pakistan and major beneficiaries of this project. The Chinese role played in the development of the Gwadar Port is being accepted widely in the region.

The support that the project is getting from the Balochistan people and the local government is quite remarkable.

The recent tweet from the Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal mentioned, “The final map of the Gwadar master plan has been issued. It wasn’t approved in Islamabad or Quetta, but in Gwadar during the governing body meeting.”

Here it’s important to note that the Balochistan Chief Minister holds an essential position as the chairman of the Gwadar Development Authority’s governing body. His one year in office has seen some significant developments in his state. The Chief Minister has now and again taken steps that focus more on the development of the Balochistan area, and he regards this step from China and other CPEC projects in the area highly.

The Belt and Road Initiative of China have seen several countries benefiting and growing economically. All the excitement and potential that the CPEC projects generate are getting funding from China and other parts of the world who view the Gwadar port project as a great opportunity for governments, investors and business owners alike.

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