Gwadar International Port City Project is 12 months Ahead of Schedule

CPIC is delighted to announce that the construction work of the Gwadar International Port City project is currently running 12 months ahead of schedule! Work is going smoothly in Gwadar with one of the primary accomplishments being the creation of a flat main road. No bumps or hills, just straight level land.

Not only the overground work in Gwadar is in full progress but also the main underground tasks. To make sure that communities of Gwadar would be enjoying the best standard of living, the build work of laying sewerage pipes and UPVC pipes for utility services is in the process.

Security and safety is also important for the workers, therefore, solar lights have been installed so to allow builders to work during the nights. With these improvements and new additions, the Gwadar Property City project will become a reality in a rapid pace.

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