How Many Projects Are There Currently In Gwadar?

Gwadar is a bustling international port city and 2019 has seen the fastest growing set of developments in the location’s history. Not only is it a vital region for Pakistan where it is situated, Gwadar also forms a key part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

China are heavily invested in Gwadar: The Saudis have also pumped funds into the region while there is new talk concerning potential involvement with Qatar. Taking all of this into account, we come to the obvious question – just how many projects are there in Gwadar?

What housing projects are currently being carried out in Gwadar?

Before we attempt to answer the wider question, let’s take a look at the most crucial developments that are currently taking place in the international port city of Gwadar. One of the longest and most sustained projects in the city is China Pak Golf Estates. Overseen by CPIC Global, market leader in Gwadar real estate, this is a luxury golf and domestic community in the heart of Gwadar.

Set over 6.7 million square feet, the project is worth some $265 million and anyone looking to buy property in Gwadar should seriously look at the estate package first.

Which transport projects are currently underway in Gwadar?

Anyone who follows the news relating to Gwadar could not have failed to notice a significant development that took place at the end of March 2019. It was at Gwadar Expo 2019 that Prime Minister Imran Khan performed the groundbreaking ceremony that kicked off the work on Gwadar International Airport.

This was a planned operation but, in a speech made by the Premier at the event, even more projects were revealed. An announcement regarding a rail link that would eventually lead to  Qatar was proposed while Gwadar will also have a new passenger and cargo ferry line to Karachi and Quetta.

And that’s merely the news relating to transport projects: Within the airport is a new oil refinery while Imran Khan has also announced plans for the construction of a new desalination plant in the city. Additionally, he confirmed that citizens would be issued with health cards and that one million trees would be planted in Gwadar.

Is it possible to summarise the current situation?

As any reader who has got to this point will understand, it is very hard to pin down the exact number of projects in Gwadar. Some have already been completed, others are in progress while more have been proposed and are in the planning stages. The problem can be that once you’ve completed adding up those projects, new ones are being announced and that underlines the nature of the fast development here.

There are a number of additional sources that we think are worth checking out. Firstly, the Gwadar Port Authority official website lists all the projects that come under its banner. The Chinese equivalent is COPHC Pakistan and likewise, there are a number of Gwadar projects listed in full which will help you to answer this elusive question.

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