Imran Khan to perform groundbreaking on housing projects across Pakistan

It’s been a busy period of groundbreaking for Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. At the end of March, the Premier headed to Gwadar Expo 2019 to carry out the ceremony for the city’s international week and, at the start of April, the focus has been switched to housing.

It’s been confirmed that the PM will be performing the groundbreaking ceremony for 129,000 homes in key parts of the country.

Where will the new homes be located?

The news was revealed at the start of April 2019 and it forms part of the overall Naya Pakistan Housing Programme (NPHP). The ceremony itself will relate to new homes in Islamabad and also in Balochistan. In terms of the Balochistan units, some of these relate to Quetta while the developing port city of Gwadar will also see new housing activity.

As far as the split in numbers is concerned, 19,000 will be constructed in Islamabad and these are expected to be apartments spread across four different areas. The remaining 110,000 properties are therefore given over to the Balochistan regions of Quetta and Gwadar.

How many additional properties will be built in Gwadar?

The Secretary of Housing Doctor Imran Zeb Khan has confirmed an equal, 50/50 division of buildings between Quetta and Gwadar. This means that the strategic port city of Gwadar will receive 55,000 additional properties and that’s a huge boost to a region that has seen significant development since the start of 2019.

Prior to this announcement, market leader in Gwadar Real Estate CPIC Global was already handling sales of new homes in the city across 10 million square feet of land. With construction of the location’s new airport now underway, the latest announcement is a timely one in what has become a boom period for Gwadar.


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