The Launch of Changing Perceptions 3

Update: Please view part 2 video

Update: Please view part 3 video

Changing Perceptions is CPIC’s most important initiatives to promote the true beauty and wonder of Pakistan. In this initiative, international and Pakistani social media influencers are taken on an intensive tour of Pakistan, funded by CPIC. The main objective of the project is to change any negativity in regards to Pakistan’s image over the past few years. The CPIC ‘Changing Perceptions’ Pak Tour will aim to show what Pakistan is truly like.

The Success of Changing Perceptions 1 & 2

The CPIC Pak tour 1 had eight social media stars from CANADA, UK, POLAND, ITALY, NEW ZEALAND, and PAKISTAN. These stars were taken on tour across Islamabad, Swat, Chitral, Kalash, Gwadar, and Karachi. Following the tour, a series of vlogs were released which gathered over 5 million views. 

Changing Perceptions 2 has included nine leading social media stars from CANADA, USA, UK, ITALY, ROMANIA, and PAKISTAN to visit Islamabad, Gilgit, Hunza, and Skardu. During this tour, Pakistan’s Greatest Ever Tourism Video was created and has gathered 5.3 million views, and which was also premiered in the House of Parliament, with over 200 people in attendance.

The total of 10.3 million views of vlogs and tourism video from Changing Perceptions 1 & 2 shows the unparalleled success of the project was unexpected and had boosted Pakistan’s image tremendously. The decision for CPIC to create a third installment was obvious.

The Outline of Changing Perceptions 3

After witnessing two great successes of the last two installments, the third episode of Changing Perceptions series is expected to have another unparalleled success.  

We gathered a group of famous travel vloggers and social media influencers to further promote tourism of Pakistan and improve the worldwide perception of Pakistan. A total of eight social media influencers and a videographer from six different nations will be taken to tour of Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Swat, Kalam, and Malam Jabba to cover finest offerings during the trip. The trip took place on 10th November to 20th November, for a total of 10 days in length to showcase Pakistan’s welcoming people, beautiful scenery and outstanding cuisine.

The third installment included nine online personalities from different categories including fashion & beauty influencers, travel & lifestyle YouTube star, event organizers to the videographer. These personalities have a huge presence and following over the different platforms of social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. The blog and tourism videos posted by these influencers over different social media platforms will once again showcase the true beauty of Pakistan. The compounding effect of sharing these posts and videos by the followers of these personalities will give another huge boost to Changing Perceptions 3 compared to the previous two chapters.

Changing Perceptions 3 shall be launched in three parts. Already published, the first part covers the exploration of Islamabad and Peshawar. The second episode will include “Switzerland of Pakistan” with Swat, Kalam and Malam Jabba. The final episode will revolve around the buzzing metropolis of Lahore.

Pakistan was named #1 travel destination for 2020 by Conde Nast, and the third Changing Perceptions tour will prove why Pakistan is so deserving of that title.

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