October 2020 – CPEC News Summary

Parliamentary CPEC Body Stresses Early Completion Of Gwadar Projects

The Parliamentary Committee on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in mid October directed all the stakeholders concerned to work promptly and effectively to ensure that all the under construction projects at Gwadar to be completed in time.

“Gwadar is the most important component of CPEC, and the success and prolific results of CPEC are intrinsically dependent on the effective operationalization of Gwadar,” Sher Ali Arbab said while chairing the meeting of the committee here.

He said it was mandatory that the ongoing projects at Gwadar pertaining to infrastructure build up, water, health, energy provision and security arrangements should be completed promptly and effectively.

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CPEC: Once a game-changer, always a game-changer?

A long read article that explains the ups and downs of the development of CPEC and why the future is always looking promising for this revolutionary initiative. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is heralded as a ‘game-changer’ with the potential to transform the economy of Pakistan into a regional manufacturing hub. Although the intensity at which its potential is celebrated may have dampened with time, the economic potential of this corridor continues to exist. CPEC-related projects involve enhancing transportation infrastructure, energy, development of Gwadar port, telecommunication and industrial cooperation.

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CPEC’s connectivity needs and the crucial role of Zong 4G

In this news regarding telecommunications in Pakistan, this article explains how Pakistan’s preferred network provider , Zong 4G is allowing the masses to connect.  In a majority of CPEC projects, Zong 4G is playing the role of primary connectivity provider thanks to its significant network footprint and high-speed data products and services. Leading the industry towards Digital Pakistan for many years now, Zong was the natural companion to fulfill CPEC’s profound communications needs.

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Business community hopes new Chinese envoy will help promote industrialisation

The business community of Pakistan has widely welcomed the appointment of Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong. Mr Nong, with his strong credentials will play a pivotal role in facilitating the CPEC as it enters the second phase with a particular focus on agriculture, industrialization and socio-economic development.

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President lauds Pak Navy’s role in defending CPEC sea routes

In this short article, President Dr Arif Alvi indicates that the Pakistan Navy is playing a vital role in defending the maritime frontiers as well as securing the economic interests of the country by providing security to Gwadar Port and CPEC sea routes.

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Andrew Small on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’s Return to the Shadows

In an interview with The Diplomat, ANdrew Small, a senior transatlantic fellow with the German Marshall Fund’s Asia Program, explains the overall importance of CPEC to the China-Pakistan relationship, outlining its highs and lows, and the likely outcome of what the grand scheme means for China’s broader Belt and Road Initiative.

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Powering Gwadar for the future

Gwadar, often termed as the ‘Future of Pakistan’, faces a considerable power shortfall despite the inception of CPEC more than five years ago. The existing shortfall is likely to impede economic activities in the city unless addressed immediately. Therefore, it is important that Gwadar becomes self-sufficient in power generation to cater to not only its present and future energy needs.

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