Pak Tour 2019 to Showcase the Best of Pakistan

When the Pak Tour first hit the road in 2018, it was so successful that CPIC decided to do it again! Pakistan, as a country, is known for many things and in the wider world, it doesn’t always get the positive press that it often deserves.

One of the chief roles of Pak Tour is to highlight tourism: This is a country of stunning natural scenery and some of the most incredible man-made structures on earth. The food and hospitality is pretty great too so how is the 2019 roadshow going to bring this into the wider public consciousness?

What does Pak Tour 2019 Involve?

This is a ten day tour for participants and it’s a packed week-and-a-half for all those taking part. Kicking off in Islamabad, the tourists will start their adventure by visiting the historic location of Rawalpindi on the Grand Trunk Road.

The delights of Islamabad will be explored in greater detail for much of the first seven days. The spectacular flight over Skardu will be a particular highlight for many while ancient forts and historic mosques will also be taken in.

Week one comes to a close with a day excursion to Upper Hunza where our intrepid tourists will be charmed by the Fairy Meadows. From day eight onwards, the trip closes out with a journey through the stunning Kaghan Valley and Hazara Mountains. Overall, the tour builds on 2018 and goes further to bring out the beauty of the real Pakistan.

How is Pak Tour 2019 going to be publicised?

The organisers of Pak Tour are setting out to publicise the venture by harnessing the power of social media influencers. Among them they can boast more than 2.75 million followers on a range of accounts so they are perfectly placed to get the message out.

Leading the way is Zeeshan Shah who is the founder of CPIC Global, market leader in real estate sales in the port city of Gwadar. Zeeshan is also behind the Pak Tour trip and he has helped to assemble an influential team from the world of travel blogging.

Also on board for the duration of the trip are Michael Corey, Brooke Saward, Ryan Riel, Alexandrina Cojocaru, Anushae Khan, Siya Zarrabi and Alexis Alford. They all interact in the world of travel and while their profiles may carry subtle differences, they all unite at Pak Tour 2019 with a common aim – to highlight the best that Pakistan has to offer.

At a time when cities such as Gwadar are highlighting all the positive aspects of Pakistan, the Pak Tours trip of 2019 is perfectly timed. This is a land of contrasts but the breathtaking scenery and hospitality here deserves to be put in front of a wider global audience. Thanks to the efforts of Pak Tour 2019 and all involved, more than 2.75 million followers and many more will now get to see the true potential of Pakistan tourism.

Watch one of our exclusive video highlights from Pak Tour 2018




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