Pakistan: A Stunning Hidden Tourist Destination

Admittedly, if we were to look at a bucket list belonging to an average tourist, Pakistan would probably be absent. We think that’s a shame because, as the intrepid traveller knows, the country is one of the best kept secrets on earth.

But you don’t have to take our word for it: Back in 2010, the respected Lonely Planet guide described Pakistan as tourism’s next big thing. The shrewd publications know what gems to expect here and hopefully, more travellers will soon be identifying the country as a ‘must see’ destination.

What natural sites should I see in Pakistan?

The team from CPIC set out again in April 2019 bringing the wonders of Pakistan to a wider global audience. The trip featured influential bloggers and YouTubers and in total, the travellers can boast a combined following in excess of 2.75 million. CPIC plans to release a short film of the trip to further change perceptions and promote the tourism to the country.

Ancient structures and nature’s wonders formed a part of the CPIC tour schedule and while the 10-day trip covered a wide area, there is still so much more to Pakistan. In regards to natural scenery, the mountainous regions of the country have been described as staggering. The nation is perfect for trekking and at certain times of the year, specific locations can even provide some top class skiing.

If winter sports isn’t your thing, don’t worry because those thrilling surroundings are a perfect backdrop for a wide range of activities. Tourists to Pakistan can truly embrace the great outdoors while there are countless man-made structures too.

What are the ‘must see’ constructions in Pakistan?

As of April 2019, Pakistan boasts no fewer than six locations that have made the UNESCO World Heritage list. Included among these are the Fort and Shalamar Gardens in Lahore which date all the way back to the Mughal era. Rohtas Fort in the Punjab is also included but perhaps the most stunning location involves the archaeological ruins at Moenjodaro.

This is a 5000 year old city whose ruins were first discovered in 1922 and they form one of the most important historic sites in the whole of Asia.

Along with the confirmed sites, UNESCO is also considering the merits of many other locations in Pakistan. Back in 2004, the Ministry of Tourism asked for 26 additional sites to be considered for the heritage list and that fact simply underlines the wealth of stunning man-made structures across the length and breadth of the country.

Should I make plans to see the real Pakistan?

We would urge anyone contemplating a trip to Pakistan to look out for the short film which is set to premiere in June 2019. While it isn’t possible to cover everything that the country has to offer in the film, the trip has documented most breathtaking scenery and locations in the city of Islamabad and the neighbouring regions.

Pakistan really deserves to lose its tag as an ‘undiscovered’ tourist location and hopefully, the work of Pak Tours and others will bring the country to a wider audience.

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