Gwadar Projects Get a Boost as Masterplan Gets Finalised

We are delighted to announce that several massive new projects designed to turn Gwadar into a modern mega city have been confirmed.

The details, revealed by Pakistan’s Planning Secretary, Zafar Hasan, could result in employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of new workers and a population of well over a million.

CPIC has learned that Secretary Hasan has stated that the Federal government and the provincial government of Baluchistan are working flat out to complete the projects as soon as possible.

He confirmed that Gwadar is the jewel in the crown of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and that top of the construction list is a 300 MW coal based power plant which will cater for 1.5 million people.

This electricity is crucial for Gwadar’s expansion, as it stakes its claim to overtake Dubai as the region’s busiest trading centre.

The new plant’s ground-breaking ceremony will take place in November.

Work on the new Gwadar International Airport will also commence in November.

Preparatory work on that project has already started.

Additionally, it was confirmed the Gwadar Friendship Hospital, Nurses Training Centre and Teaching Hospital will be built.

China’s National Development and Reform Commission stated that in the first phase the hospital will be built and in the second phase the Nursing School and training Centre. The latter will include a Fishermen’s Training Centre.

It was decided that in order to electrify Gwadar Port, new housing projects will include provision for solar power units.

The pronouncements were made as part of the Gwadar 2050 Masterplan. Over the next 30 years billions of dollars will be pumped into the area, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

The Masterplan is designed to create a smart, bustling new city which will become the region’s busiest commercial centre.

During the construction phase it is thought around 75,000 new jobs will be created.

This figure will rise to over 200,000 within a decade.

The resultant population explosion will escalate the need for housing and other amenities.

There is currently a growing demand for building land and this will only intensify.

The new city centre will be split into two distinct development areas along the east and west bays.

Both will include hotels, tourist attractions, shopping plazas and food destinations.

A colourful mix of modern and traditional architectural styles will provide Gwadar with a unique façade.

Many of these developments will impact directly on Gwadar’s housing stock, as new employees from other parts of Pakistan, China and the surrounding area flock to the city. If you are considering investing in Gwadar’s booming property sector, CPIC are perfectly placed to assist you.

We are an award-winning developer with offices in London, New York and Karachi.

We are also GDA approved to allow us to develop in Gwadar.

We currently have over 10 million square feet of prime residential and commercial plots under development.

In May this year we became the only developer to complete a private housing project and hand over ownership to the purchasers.

Commenting on the Masterplan, a CPIC spokesman said: We are delighted to be involved in this extraordinary project which will completely transform life in this pocket of Pakistan.

“Just a few years ago Gwadar’s population stood at 85,000.

“The 2050 masterplan, coupled with the continued expansion of the China-Pakistan
Economic Corridor, will mean that figure increasing at least fivefold.

“CPIC have been operating in Gwadar for several years and are now regarded as one of the
most trusted real estate agents in the city.”




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