A Brief Travel Guide To Makkah

Makkah is the most important city of all for Muslims and, during the holy month of Ramadan, there will be a heightened increase in travel to this special destination. Anyone looking to go for Umrah to Makkah should be aware of certain requirements when travelling so let us take this opportunity to provide you with some helpful hints.

What are the basic rules of travelling to Makkah?

Do please be aware and respectful of the basic requirements for travelling to Makkah. This is a holy site of Islam and non-Muslims will not be allowed in to the city. Documentation will be checked upon entry and the penalty for transgressing this rule is deportation.

In terms of travelling in to Makkah, note that the closest airport is Jeddah. For those making the journey by road, a modern road network is set up from Jeddah itself and there is a regular and reliable bus service. On arrival, Makkah has a good supply of public transport plus an abundance of local taxis so it should be easy to travel around the city.

What additional information do I need?

It’s important to consider the time of year that you intend to travel and the potential weather conditions. Makkah has no winter and, even at the coldest time of the year, temperatures can often hit 30 degrees. July is the hottest month and at that point, the mercury will frequently rise above the 40 degree mark.

It is, therefore, vital to take the basic precautions against the heat. Protect against the sun and remain hydrated at all times.

The most important holy site in Makkah is the Al-Haram Mosque. It is the largest of its kind in the world and the most important site in Islam. Crowds can be excessive and queues can be long so be sure, when travelling to the Mosque, to take sustenance, including an adequate supply of water for the journey.

We want you to enjoy your Umrah and, as well as taking in the most important site in the city, there is much to see. On the recommended list of ‘must see’ places are the Jabal Al Noor mountain and the Jabal Al Thur cave. Follow our advice, see as much as possible and your visit to Makkah will be unforgettable.

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