What is the best location to invest in Gwadar?

Anyone considering a property purchase in Gwadar will doubtless have spent time on research. A quick look at a map and some pictures on the internet can, however, only offer a very basic idea as to what’s on offer here.

If you’re looking to buy real estate in Gwadar but are unsure about specific locations, let us guide you in terms of your choices.

Where are the available Gwadar plots situated?

CPIC Global are market leaders in Gwadar real estate and were the first privately owned company to complete a successful property handover in the region. At present, CPIC Global are offering developments in two separate areas of the city and the choice between the two can depend on budget, as well as the particular needs of the buyer.

There is the option to buy plots in China Pak Golf Estates, a luxurious, gated community covering 6.7 million square feet of land. Alternatively, there is availability at International Port City Gwadar, but what factors do you need to take into account before committing to a purchase?

What are the key differences between the two locations?

You don’t have to be a golfing enthusiast to enjoy living at China Pak Golf Estates although a love of the game may help to sway your decision. There is a top class, six hole course in development here but the overall theme is one of luxury.

China Pak Golf Estates will provide the most desirable address in the city as it offers all the amenities and facilities needed to supplement that luxurious and urban lifestyle.

The alternative is Port City Gwadar but what are the contrasts between the two? IPC Gwadar remains a gated community with an emphasis on security and on high class living. There are subtle differences between the two however with International Port City offering a wider range of housing, including a spread of apartments. In that sense, IPC provides more, in regards to affordability but the luxury element still applies.

Obviously, if you are purchasing with a view to letting a property rather than living in it yourself, then you will have to determine the needs of your respective tenants.

What should my next steps involve?

If you have any further questions, look out for CPIC Global’s international property shows where virtual reality tours can provide more information about each separate location.

Alternatively, simply put a call through to CPIC Global or fill in the contact form for a swift call back. Advisers can discuss your individual needs and help you make the right choice between the two separate locations.

There is good news all round because there is a choice and, additionally, it shouldn’t be a confusing one. International Port City Gwadar and China Pak Golf Estates each have something different to offer but in each case, the emphasis is on quality living.

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