What Sector is the Best for Investment in Gwadar?

2019 promises to be a landmark year for the international port city of Gwadar. Since the start of January, we’ve seen significant investment in the region, most notably from China under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor alliance.

Developments have been taking place since the very start of the year and at the end of March, Prime Minister Imran Khan is set to inaugurate construction of Gwadar’s new international airport. If you haven’t considered investing in Gwadar as yet, now is the time but what options are open to you?

What sectors should I consider for investment?

There’s a multitude of possibilities when it comes to investing in Gwadar. Tourism may not be the first idea that springs to mind but it is a viable proposition when you consider Pakistan as a whole. The country possesses some of the most stunning natural features in the world, including some of the highest mountain peaks on the planet.

Vast lakes and waterfalls exist across the country too and, surprisingly enough, Pakistan can also cater for ski enthusiasts at a handful of locations. With stunning man-made structures thrown into the mix, it’s easy to see why tourism, using Gwadar as a base, is an investment to consider.

What stocks and commodities are likely to perform well in Gwadar?

At Gwadar Expo 2019, a host of exhibitors from different sectors were in attendance. There were representatives from the world of food and drink, plus textile producers and vehicle manufacturers.

It’s a very broad spectrum so it’s difficult to identify one particular industry for anyone looking to deal in stocks and shares. However, the energy sector was highly visible at Expo 2019 and this is one sector that many may want to consider. A multi-million dollar oil city is being built in Gwadar while the port is close in proximity to the Strait of Hormuz – the biggest sea channel for petroleum transportation.

Why is Gwadar property the best possible investment?

We’ve provided some ideas to begin with but there is one area of investment that ties everything together and that’s property. Any company or individual setting up a business needs premises from which to work. There is the exception of remote working but that doesn’t really apply to Gwadar where physical goods are at the heart of the city’s development.

Then there are the workers: tens of thousands of new residents are being lined up to work for the major industries that are being set up in Gwadar. Everyone needs a home and that’s why property investors are looking at long term rental opportunities in the city.

Perhaps you are looking to come here to live yourself. There are many reasons to make Gwadar your home and if you’re looking to avoid the potential uncertainty of renting, property purchase would provide security.

Opportunities exist in many areas but property is a reliable constant when put up against potentially volatile options. With CPIC Global facilitating the first handover of property in Gwadar, now is the time to make that bricks and mortar investment.

Please contact CPIC via +44 (0) 333 733 3337,[email protected] or use our contact form here. CPIC is the leading developer in Gwadar with its ongoing project: The China Pak Golf Estates and is the first private developer to handover a full project, International Port City, in Gwadar.


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