What will Gwadar look like in 20 years?

The port city of Gwadar is growing at such a rapid rate that projections about the future are inevitable. With transport links including the city’s new airport underway, 2019 has been a landmark year for Gwadar and more developments are on the way.

But what about the long term future: What will this burgeoning city look like in twenty years time and will those investing in Gwadar right now be enjoying a profitable return on their outlay?

What Gwadar projects will be completed by 2039?

The projects that are currently in development will be finished long before the year 2039 rolls along. Quite simply, the airport has to be finished in order to keep up with the demands of expected tourism and business traffic that will have been fully functional for some time.

The same applies to other transport projects in the city. In March 2019, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced new ferry and train links from Gwadar but there are many other projects, away from the transport sector, about to come to fruition.

Energy forms an important part of the many projects currently taking place at Gwadar. In the future, we could see wind turbines in the distance while there is an obvious need to exploit the rich oil supplies in the region.

A green approach plays a big role in Gwadar’s future with Imran Khan announcing that one million trees would be planted across the city. Green areas will also be maintained under the China Pak golf estates scheme which will maintain important habitats for wildlife.

What will Gwadar’s population be in twenty years’ time?

One of the biggest areas for growth lies with Gwadar’s population. As of 2019, it currently sits at a figure in the tens of thousands while it’s forecast that by 2024, that will increase to half a million permanent residents. Based on that percentage increase, it may be fair to assume that the population of Gwadar in 2019 might sit at several million.

The rate of growth may slow down of course but there is plenty of room to accommodate increases over the next twenty years. As of 2019, Gwadar real estate market leaders CPIC Global have 3,000 properties in development over 10 million square feet of land and with growth continuing in this area, there is scope to cope with a big increase in population.

How will Gwadar change over 20 years?

We’re using a crystal ball to an extent but there are some aspects to Gwadar that we can predict with some confidence. For a start, the majority of the one million trees will be in full bloom adding to the clean and pleasant living environment for all Gwadar locals.

It might also be fair to assume that the airport may have new terminals while more train and ferry routes are created. There is an element of guesswork but based on the rate of progression in 2019, we can look forward to a busy and productive future for the city of Gwadar.

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