Why are a number of NOCs expired?

This is the most active time in the history of Gwadar and 2019 has been a landmark year for the city. Located on the south western coastal tip of Pakistan, heavy investment from China has seen the pace of development pick up at a rapid rate and it’s time for investors to consider purchasing land and property in the region.

There may be, however, some who have monitored the rise of Gwadar in recent years who are more hesitant. It’s fair to say that in the past, progress has been slower, thereby leading to the question, why have a number of NOC’s expired?

What is an NOC?

The acronym NOC stands for No Objection Certificates and they relate to the setting up of private residential schemes in the area. Each individual NOC is granted by the Balochistan Provincial Government and the real estate developer is then obliged to start and complete within an agreed time frame.

As of July 2017, it was stated that the government had issued 75 NOC certificates but many of these have now expired, which brings us back to our original question.

Why have those NOCs expired?

The simple answer to that question is that the property companies concerned couldn’t either start or finish the projects in the allotted time frame. They missed their deadlines and the respective NOC ran down. Of course, to answer the question effectively, we have to ask why that happened.

The reasons behind the failure could come down to a combination of reasons: Firstly, the property developer might just have been speculating and didn’t appreciate the size of the task. If they didn’t have the means or ambition to match the project, time would simply run out and the land would not develop.

A lack of essential supplies may also be behind the expiry of some NOCs. Up until recently, Gwadar has experienced problems with water and electricity supplies and therefore, frustrated by the obstacles, contractors and developers may have simply walked away.

Those are valid reasons for NOCs running down but in 2019, the landscape should be far more positive.

Why should things be different in 2019?

CPIC Global are the market leader in Gwadar real estate and in 2019, it became the first privately owned company to successfully complete a property handover in the city. That fact alone should offer potential investors the reassurance that property projects that are in the pipeline will be completed and that CPIC Global will not be responsible for any expired NOCs.

Other, previous problem areas have also been tackled effectively. If we take water as an example, the practise of shipping in supplies via tanker from a neighbouring dam quickly proved to be ineffective and cost prohibitive. In 2019, Gwadar now purchases adequate supplies of clean drinking water from a private Chinese company and any lingering reports of a shortage are wide of the mark.

In short, solutions have been found to ongoing questions and while NOCs have expired in the past, the situation will improve vastly from this point.

CPIC Projects have the following assigned valid NOC numbers for the following projects:- International Port City GDA NOC number: 74/07/HS/GDA (B) /
China Pak Golf Estates GDA NOC number: 58/06/HS/GDA


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