Why Pakistan is Primed for Property Investment

The role of the professional real estate investor covers many areas but the key to ongoing success relates to identifying new investment opportunities. Much of the world is covered in terms of key growth areas but over in Pakistan, there is the prospect of a property boom taking place over the next few years.

Many industry experts suggest the growth in Pakistan property prices will accelerate in the coming months but what are the factors behind this and why is this a good time to consider purchasing homes in Pakistan?

Holding Firm

The current situation for Pakistan real estate is one of consolidation: There is no sense of a boom and bust factor that property investors will undoubtedly avoid and this stable period is an encouraging sign when we look at the overall economic picture within the country.

Since Pakistan’s PTI government came to power in August 2018 there has been no firm economic policy in place and it has been unable to secure a vital bailout package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Investment in other areas is at a standstill but while other equities fall, the Pakistan property market has held firm without the merest hint of a dip.

That’s because the economic future, certainly in some areas of the country, is a bright one.

Strategic Area

The jewel in Pakistan’s property crown at the moment is the port city of Gwadar. Located in the South West of the country, Gwadar was purchased from Oman in the 1950s when its potential as a deep sea port was identified. Progress has been steady for much of the ensuing 60 years but in recent times, that progress has increased exponentially to the point where the Gwadar property market is set to take off.

Significant investment from China has been received as part of the overall CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) Project and Prime Minister Imran Khan has been busy persuading Saudi Arabia to make a firm commitment to the alliance. The Saudis have yet to become an official partner of CPEC but they are making significant investment in the form of a $10 billion oil city in Gwadar.

In 2019, the strategic port will also see construction start on the largest airport in Pakistan and a 1 billion 300 MW Power Plant. It’s a bustling region and the potential for Gwadar property is set to drive real estate across the country.

The Future of the Pakistan Real Estate Market

The fact that the Pakistan real estate market has held steady during some uncertain economic times has alerted global property investors to the potential within the country. There are issues for the new government to tackle but forecasters are suggesting a long period of stability as the PTI settles into power.

In terms of land for sale in Pakistan, Gwadar is the focal point. That multi billion dollar investment under the CPEC agreement is driving the market here. Currently, there are 3,000 properties under development over 10 million square feet of land and shrewd investors know that the time to buy Gwadar property is now.

Invest with CPIC

CPIC are leading the market in terms of global awareness about Gwadar. International Port City will be the first major private sector development to be handed over in Gwadar’s history with the handover of the first plots to occur in less than a month. You can find out much more by phoning (0)333 733 3337 or using our contact us form


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