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CPIC have gathered some of the best stories around CPEC, China and Gwadar over the past few weeks.

Gwadar is becoming the most important economical hub from Pakistan – August 20, 2018 published by

It is being expected that Gwadar will become the most important hub of economic activities for Pakistan in the upcoming years. According to Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani, China should declare Dalian, a major city and seaport in the south of Liaoning Province, the sister city of Gwadar because they could have an immensely positive influence on each other.

Dalian has already experienced massive industrialization and development of Special Economic Zones and Pakistan itself could benefit from Dalian’s experience.  It would be able to develop a hi-tech industry while further developing CPEC.

According to Sanjrani:

“China and Pakistan are actively engaging at level of central governments and there’s still a huge potential for cooperation among provinces, cities and regions of both the countries”

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CPEC will create two million jobs by 2030 – August 21, 2018 published by

It has been announced that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will boost the economic activity in Pakistan by creating two million jobs by 2030. One of the reasons is the industrialization of the region as well as the massive development of Gwadar Port being the need for civil engineers, technicians and economist. By providing jobs to local people, China will improve the overall standard of living in Pakistan which also includes the underprivileged areas of the country. Training and development of human resources will be the key to the growth in Pakistan.

At the initial stage, Chinese companies may bring in their own workforce but it isn’t the best solution for the long run. China will be able to hire four local workers for the wage of one Chinese worker. There’s also no additional cost of plane tickets, accommodation or other cost as the workers live in the area itself.

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Gwadar’s development under CPEC to directly benefit BalochistanAugust 27, 2018 Published by

Gwadar being the most influential port of Pakistan is bound to become increasingly important in the upcoming years. One of the main factors due to which this is taking place is because of the continuous evolvement of the Balochistan province in Pakistan. Earlier this year, the first phase of Gwadar Port’s Free Zone was inaugurated in the city which was attended by numerous potential investors who realized the large-scale opportunities in the city.

According to Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) Dostain Khan Jamaldini is Gwadar:

“a city of some 110,000 people and such massive industrialization under CPEC will have a great impact not only on the city but also on the whole Balochistan province. The Gwadar Free Zone will have the capacity to generate at least 38,000 direct jobs in the remote city”.

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A community of shared future with PakistanAugust 28, 2018 written by

In the past, there were doubts about the cooperation between China and Pakistan which also included false accusations that China wanted to establish a Chinese colony in the port city of Pakistan. However, the relation between China and Pakistan demonstrated a model of excellence of a state-to-state relationship. It shows the strength of both countries as well as the hunger for development and improvement. One of the main successes of this cooperation is the outcome of CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor).

CPEC has progressed in four different and important areas of Pakistan, particularly in Gwadar: The ports, transportation infrastructure, energy and industrial cooperation. So far more than 70,000 direct jobs were created for the local people.

According to Yao Jing need China and Pakistan:

“To work together to push our all-weather friendship to new heights to build a community of China-Pakistan shared future at an early date.”

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Mideast and Africa’s road to China goes through Gwadar – August 29, 2018 written by

Its location at the center of three civilizations makes Gwadar a very important area for investments and trading opportunities. This enables Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia to invest in one of the most influential region in Pakistan. The Persian Gulf, that produces abounding oil, and Africa with their raw materials, would not have to transport their goods anymore via a longer and arduous route. Gwadar offers a much faster and more secure route for shipping and transportation.

Gwadar is a critical aspect of the BRI’s flagship project: the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Several countries from the Middle East and Africa have expressed their great interest in joining CPEC because they see the potential and a very bright future of Gwadar.

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