Chairman of GDA Outlines Gwadar’s Future

If you are still considering investing in Gwadar, then perhaps an assessment of the city’s future prosperity might help to make up your mind.

It comes from no less an authority than the Chairman of Gwadar Port Authority, Naseer Khan Kashani.

Mr Kashani knows better than most how the former fishing village is being transformed into an economic powerhouse in its own right.

And he predicted that everyone will reap the rewards of this multi-billion dollar investment programme.

He states that in years to come all households in the city will benefit.

In an interview with Global Times, he said that current development plans will “transform Gwadar into a hub for industrialization, commercial activity and international marine trade.”

He added: “fortunes will trickle down to the grassroots level, uplifting the lives of common people, equipping them with market-oriented skills, unleashing job opportunities, increasing educational and healthcare facilities and make them available for all households.”

So why is Gwadar going to flourish in this outstanding way?

Mr Kashani explained: “The Gwadar Port is an integral part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

“Located close to the international oil trade and sea shipping lanes at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, just outside of the Strait of Hormuz, it enjoys a unique geostrategic and geo-economic importance.

“It provides an outlet for land-locked Central Asian countries, western China and Afghanistan through transit trade and by providing trans-shipment facilities. 

“At present, Chinese exports and imports are bound to travel roughly 10,000 km from the Persian Gulf to China’s eastern region.

“Gwadar ensures a shorter, inexpensive route for shipping oil and gas from the Middle East and minerals from Africa.”

In addition to its highly important location, the city is generating wealth and attracting jobs through massive infrastructure projects. These include Gwadar International Airport, East Bay Expressway, Infrastructure Development for Free Zone, construction of breakwaters, dredging of berthing areas and channels, coal-based power plant, Pak-China Technical and Vocational Institute, potable water, China-Pakistan Friendship Hospital (upgrades on existing 50-bed hospitals), Clean and Green Gwadar and Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan.

However, Gwadar’s future success isn’t being linked solely to heavy industry or international marine trade.

Mr Kashani revealed that property and tourism are also high on the agenda.

He said: “Gwadar is widely appreciated as a land of warm water with a long sunny coast, unexplored beaches, mesmerizing mountains, old-styled boat-making markets and bustling local culture.

“Gwadar Port Authority is taking all necessary steps to promote tourist activities in the city.

“With the progress of the Gwadar port, all allied industries, especially real estate, will gain traction. 

“Commercial activities will attract local and international people.

“This will serve as a catalyst for the hotel, recreational, and food industries.

“Once this momentum begins, Gwadar will be ready for tourism opportunities in a befitting manner.”

All of this investment activity will put a strain on the city’s housing stock.

As increasing numbers of people flock to live and work in Gwadar, demand on land for residential building will increase.

Those fortunate enough to buy before the boom will be able to enjoy the rising value of their property portfolio.

Mr Kashani’s vision for Gwadar’s future has been endorsed by several other distinguished stakeholders.

The city featured heavily in discussions at the 58th progress review meeting of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects

The meeting was chaired by Pakistan’s Minister for Planning, Development and Reform, Mukhdum Khusro Bakhtyar. 

Also attending were Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing, DCPC Dr. Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan, Secretary Planning Zafar Hasan, representatives from Chinese enterprises and senior officials from relevant ministries.

The meeting was informed that the Gwadar Development Authority has approved the Gwadar City Masterplan with some minor modifications. 

The minister and the Chinese ambassador appreciated the pace of work on the East Bay Expressway project. Orange Line Train project and ongoing projects in Gwadar were also deliberated upon in detail.

Delegates also heard that the incumbent government, in consultation with the Government of China, has succeeded in expanding CPEC’s scope to include other priority areas.

These include socio-economic development, poverty alleviation, agricultural and industrial cooperation.


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