How do I know my Gwadar investment is secure?

The international port city of Gwadar has rapidly become a focal point for investors. Backed by the work of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and driven by the Balochistan government’s masterplan, the region is attracting interest at all levels of commerce.

Investment opportunities exist right across this booming city with plenty of commercial development and, in particular, a burgeoning set of property options. Interest continues to build but that will inevitably lead to the question of security.

In this section, we will advise on certain steps that you can take to safeguard any investment.

Look for Official Gwadar Development Authority Projects

The Gwadar Development Authority (GDA), are responsible for overseeing projects within the city. Our first tip is to ensure that any investment that you get involved with is officially approved by the GDA.

How do you find out what is approved and what isn’t? The answer to that question is easy because the Authority has a comprehensive official website. All projects are listed here and if in any doubt, you can always send a support ticket.

The following numbers are assigned for CPIC projects:

China Pak Golf Estates: 58/06/HS/GDA

International Port City: 74/07/HS/GDA(B)

Ongoing Projects and NOCs

Other vital points to look for involve the current position of each individual project. To start with, we recommend that the project’s NOC has been restored. NOC stands for No Objection Certificate and effectively means that the Gwadar Development Authority has given it permission to go ahead.

Before making any financial commitment, the company or individual should therefore ensure that the NOC has been restored and is current.

The second point in this section specifically relates to the state of the project. The pace of construction is starting to build but prior to 2019, it may have been slow in some areas. In order to address this point, we suggest asking the developers for 12 month progress reports.

CPIC’s International Port City is the first major community in Gwadar’s private sector to be handed over. Read more about this development here

Who is behind the project?

This is a very important question and the final point for you to consider before investing in Gwadar. A trusted group will firstly be selling plots and not just a file with a speculative future plan. Therefore, the first question to ask here is whether the project already has an allocated plot. If it doesn’t our recommendation here is to simply walk away.

Having identified the above point, we now need to look more closely at the group behind the project. Here, you can get a good overview by simply checking out the website: If it’s a one-page, poorly designed portal with little information then once again, we suggest you avoid the group.

Ideally, that site will give you biographies on the people involved in the group and you can then delve a little further using a search, and back that up by looking on networking sites such as LinkedIn.

It’s all about identifying credibility and a transparent and comprehensive website will help you do this. Remember to use that tactic, along with the others listed in this review and you can help to make sure your investment in Gwadar is a secure one.

You can read everything about CPIC in here.

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