What is Gwadar’s Population Expected to be in the next five years?

With extensive development taking place right across the city of Gwadar, it’s to be expected that the population here will climb. That increase may well be an exponential one considering the rapid rate of progress since the start of 2019.

The city has welcomed the start of construction on its international airport while a host of additional projects are underway. Progress doesn’t stop there, however, and at Gwadar Expo 2019, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced further plans including key transport links by train and ferry to help people come in and out of the city.

All of this points to rapid growth in terms of population but what will Gwadar’s numbers look like over the next five years?

What is the current population figure in Gwadar?

The official website of the Gwadar Port Authority places the city’s current population at 85,000. Remember, that is the permanent population who currently live and work in the location and doesn’t include the many workers who come in to Gwadar and leave for their usual base.

There are many developments in progress across Gwadar including the construction of commercial and domestic properties. Earlier in 2019, CPIC Global completed the first successful handover of property in Gwadar and interest in investment has been growing ever since.

There are currently 3,000 properties under construction over ten million square feet of land so there is plenty of construction taking place that will house new Gwadar citizens in the future. They could be long term workers or residents looking to set up a permanent home here. Whatever their aspirations might be, their status in Gwadar will contribute to what looks like being a population boom.

But where, exactly, is that figure likely to be by the year 2024?

What will Gwadar’s population be in five years’ time?

It’s back to that official Gwadar Port Authority website for some projected figures in terms of population. From that 85,000 number in 2019, the GPA states that the mark will reach half a million by 2024.

Nobody can be completely certain about this but if anything, this may be a conservative estimate. It’s a growth of more than 400% but when we consider the rapidly increasing development in and around Gwadar, the figure is certainly achievable.

The answer to the original question, as far as the Gwadar Port Authority is concerned, is that the population of the city will reach half a million by the year 2024. That is a significant increase on current numbers but if projects continue to evolve as they have done since the start of 2019, that figure may well be exceeded.

We therefore expect that the calculated estimate of 500,000 will be comfortably attained as property investors complete their purchases and home owners move in to Gwadar. Progress continues here at a rapid rate and it will certainly be fascinating to see if that figure is reached over the next five years.

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